Fundraising events are held year round to help support a number of causes. Come and join the fun!


Whale and Marine Life Tour

Whale and Marine Life Tour

Join our marine educators in exploring the ocean from top to bottom, while searching for some of the world’s largest and smallest creatures, including dolphins and whales, during our 2.5-hour long marine life exploration cruise. 

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Moon Jelly in a Jar
WILD Weekend Series

Moon Jellies in a Jar will be a fun and interactive experience for all participants. This activity will educate visitors about different jelly species, whilst diving into the serious problem of plastics in our ocean. Both kids and parents will be able to make their very own jelly in a jar to take home and experience a moon jelly feeding by our animal husbandry interns. Come explore the world of jellies and learn how you can prevent plastics from entering our ocean. 


Adventure Sail
Pirates, Patriots, and Privateers


Set sail aboard the schooner Spirit of Dana Point and experience California from the perspective of an early tallship explorer.  Join the crew to help raise sail, handle lines, and steer the ship, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the majesty of sailing the seas aboard a tallship.


Tiny Tots: Parent & Me Program
Sea Star Adventure Series 2019

Join us for this six-week adventure series exploring shapes, colors, textures, and more with everyone’s favorite tidepool animal, the sea star! Each Tuesday session includes exploration, an animal encounter, and an activity. Suitable for ages 2 to 3 years.


Bioluminescence Night Cruise

There’s a luminous underwater world just waiting to shine! Learn about the remarkable ability of some marine animals to glow in the dark and witness this curiously beautiful phenomenon.*

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Glow with the Flow
Biofluorescence at the Ocean Institute

Biofluorescence lets sea creatures glow. This night time program features a talk on biofluorescence, followed by a tour of the biofluorescing animals here at the Ocean Institute — such as the scorpion fish. Children and adults alike will enjoy learning about and seeing the amazing light patterns of our ocean firsthand.  



Making Waves

Ocean Institute programs have succeeded brilliantly in the most important mission: reaching and actively engaging the imagination of American youth.
- Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Maritime Education