Help Us Keep Whales Safe with the ‘Whale Alert App’


Some lucky swimmers and paddlers were recently treated with a visit from a juvenile gray whale that swam into the Dana Point Harbor—right up to the beach! Luckily, the whale finally made its way back out to the open waters and is hopefully back on track to summer feeding grounds in Alaska. Marine mammals such as this gray whale, rely heavily on hearing to navigate, and often noisy boat traffic can be disorienting.

What can you do to help? We are encouraging all passengers onboard our whale-watching cruises to download the ‘Whale Alert’ app and to upload sightings of any whales we encounter. Your collective data helps increase the effectiveness of whale strike preventative measures.

‘Whale Alert’ is a growing network of non-profit institutions, government agencies, shipping and technology companies focused on reducing lethal ship strikes of whales. Download the app here: