How to (Safely) Share the Ocean with Sharks

How to (Safely) Share the Ocean with Sharks

The rise of Great White Shark sightings has been the buzz in Southern California this summer—and some of us have gone so far as to limit our ocean time and keep our kids out of the water. While it’s important to respect the space of these incredible predators, how do you determine the safest way to keep enjoying the saltwater activities you love? Dr. Chris Lowe, Director of CSULB’s Shark Lab and Ocean Institute’s inaugural Science Advisory Council member offers advice for how we can learn to share the ocean with these animals that are so important to our marine eco-system.


“We worked really hard in the last 20 years to bring shark populations back from being overfished. Sharks are very important in our marine ecosystem, they help keep our marine populations healthy and they also help keep our fish populations healthy. We need those sharks in our coastal oceans. We also need to learn to share the ocean with these animals.”

Learn more about Dr. Chris Lowe and his work at Shark Lab here:

Welcoming Dr. Chris Lowe to the Ocean Institute Science Advisory Council