The Spirit of Dana Point


Tall Ship Vessel Needs Your Help and A New Engine

Help match a $68,765 challenge grant by September 1, 2018 from the California Cultural and Historical Endowment. 

$20,000 has been raised and time is running out to raise the remaining $48,000.

The Spirit of Dana Point is our local maritime icon and educational treasure.  The tall ship is a traditionally-built replica of a 1770s privateer schooner used during the American Revolution.

Value The Spirit of Dana Point gives:

  • Annually 5,600 students embark on a unique and powerful educational experience aboard the tall ship.   
  • As a pillar of our Annual Tall Ships Festival, The Spirit of Dana Point is marveled by nearly 8,000 event visitors who admire its majestic beauty.

This treasured tall ship requires a new engine in order to maintain its prominent, heavily-utilized role as a local ocean classroom and an legendary vessel.  

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