The BioBlog


The BioBlog: Forest Under the Sea
By Julianne E. Steers, Marine Biologist

“Have you ever seen a forest without any birds, without any trees, without any bees?  Have you ever seen a forest under the sea?” –Banana Slug Band

Even on our sunny days, our coastal, temperate waters may appear encircled by a forbidding, often steely grey sea, although there are those rare, magical calm days when its surrounding seas take on an altogether more inviting hue.


The BioBlog: Watersheds
By Jonathan Witt; Senior Education Director

This year we celebrate the Ocean Institute’s Watershed Education Program’s 13th year!  With grateful thanks to the generous support of Miocean and the Massen Greene Foundation, over 25,000 fifth graders, from communities throughout Southern California, have been inspired to empower themselves, their schools, and their communities to be responsible stewards of our environment.