Margaret Buchanan Making Waves of Impact

Blog post By Shira Greenbaum

In December, over 70 students from Daniel Phelan School in Whittier visited the Ocean Institute for a “Life in the Abyss” overnight program thanks to the Adopt-A-Class sponsorship by Margaret Buchanan. Going above and beyond her amazing generosity, Buchanan joined the students during their field trip for dinner to hear highlights of their first-in-a-lifetime field trip. In addition, she responded to each and every thank you note she received from the students after their trip.

Buchanan also wrote to the entire class saying, “I’m so glad that you all had such a wonderful experience at the Ocean Institute!  From your letters, I learned that you all had fun and learned so much about the ocean and sea life. It was so nice meeting you all and I want you to know that it was my pleasure making it possible for you to have an overnight visit to the Ocean Institute.”

Thank you to Ms. Buchanan and all of our Adopt-A-Class supporters who ensure students from all walks of life to have an opportunity to be inspired at the Ocean Institute.


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