Choose Solar



Thank you for choosing to learn more about the “Go-Green Energy” partnership program between the Ocean Institute and Solar4Causes. When qualified homeowners choose to take advantage of the benefits of switching to clean, renewable, and affordable energy programs this is also helping protect our fragile ocean ecosystems.

With every participating home that gets a solar installation a donation will be issued to the Ocean Institute directly from the Solar4Causes representative - on the homeowners’ behalf. This donation is used to support Ocean Institute’s mission for forty-three years, “using the ocean as our classroom, we inspire children to learn”.


First Step: Schedule your no obligation “Green-Energy” home evaluation to discover if your home will qualify for any of the participating programs that are available by going to:

Second Step:  Click on the contact button next to the Ocean Institute Logo and fill out the request form.

Third Step- Enjoy being an active participant in the “Green Energy“ movement which allows all life on earth a much healthier environment for generations to come.