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Distance Learning Programs

Let the Ocean Institute bring the ocean into your classroom! For over 25 years, our Visiting Classroom programs have brought engaging, educational activities to local students. These programs replicate the unique, immersive style of learning that students experience at the Ocean Institute. This is not a lecture or auditorium presentation. Students explore the world of science with hand-on activities and interactions with live tide pool animals. These programs provide a cost effective way for students to participate in a rich science experience.

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If a Dolphin Were a Fish
Grades 2-6

Students investigate how a dolphin might be similar to a human, but different from other marine animals. Live animals, artifacts, and interactive activities allow the students to discover which characteristics are unique to mammals.

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Invertebrate Investigation
Grades 4-8

Observe and learn about the amazing adaptations of different marine invertebrates. Hands-on activities with live animals and a squid dissection highlight the similarities between these animals. Engage in several explorations of the marine environment, emphasizing adaptations and abiotic/biotic relationships in ocean communities.

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Safari into the Intertidal Zone
Grades Pre-K - K

Learn about the adaptations necessary for animals to survive in this harsh environment. Students interact with live sea stars, urchins, hermit crabs, and other local residents of California’s tidepools in this hands-on experience!

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Smiley the Shark
Grades 1-3

Join us on this exploration that compares the feeding strategies of local marine organisms. After reading Smiley the Shark, students examine what and how different marine animals eat. Live tidepool animals and artifacts showcase the diversity of adaptations in the marine environment.

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Special Needs
Grades Pre K-12

Nine different programs are designed to meet your students’ interests and ability levels, whether you want the excitement of live marine animals or the challenge of a squid or fish dissection. Through observation and interaction, students will dive into the world of hands-on science! 

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Turtle Tracks
Grades 1-2

Using children’s literature, we present the challenges that need to be overcome for a turtle hatchling to survive. Students will learn about the efforts made around the world to maintain and improve sea turtle populations. The program includes a live freshwater turtle, a preserved sea turtle, live intertidal animals, and appropriate hands-on activities.

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Visiting Mate
Grades 4-5

Put the books aside as a piece of living history walks into your classroom to engage students in guided hands-on activities. An eighteenth or nineteenth century sailor travels to your classroom to spin yarns, teach sea chanteys, scrimshaw, lines and knot tying. The Visiting Mate will also discuss shipboard life, helping history come alive for your students.

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Visiting Sea Camp
Grades K-6

Available June through August – Let Us Bring the Ocean to You!

Taught by our instructors at your facility. 
Experience the fascinating marine environment with the Ocean Institute’s Visiting Sea Camp Series. The Ocean Institute staff brings our hands-on science programs directly to your school or childcare center. Each program takes advantage of small class settings to maximize the level of interaction and learning. Let us foster an awareness and appreciation of the many amazing creatures found in our oceans.

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Welcome to Our Watershed
Grades 5-8

Students learn about the hydrologic cycle and what lives in a watershed. A hands-on demonstration with a model of a watershed shows the effect of human impact on our fragile environment. An interactive discussion and examination of live tidepool animals reinforce the connection between pollution and a healthy ecosystem, including what can be done to maintain the health of a watershed. The program drives home why everyone needs to understand how we all affect our local watersheds.

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Your Shell is Swell
Grades Pre-K - K

Explore the beauty of shells from a variety of different creatures focusing on their size, shape, and their importance to the animals who live inside. Students will read Moving Day, a story about a hermit crab looking for a new home. They will then touch and observe live animals, all of whom live in a shell, and learn about why they need shells to survive.

Science Field Trip

Adult Ocean Awareness

Open to all Senior Centers, Associations, and Residential Communities

Take a journey into the world of science with a series of programs designed for seniors. Whether at the Ocean Institute or at your facility, five unique educational and interactive programs can be selected to meet the interests for your group.