Visiting Sea Camp
Grades K-6

Distance Learning Site visit

Available June through August – Let Us Bring the Ocean to You!

Taught by our instructors at your facility. 
Experience the fascinating marine environment with the Ocean Institute’s Visiting Sea Camp Series. The Ocean Institute staff brings our hands-on science programs directly to your school or childcare center. Each program takes advantage of small class settings to maximize the level of interaction and learning. Let us foster an awareness and appreciation of the many amazing creatures found in our oceans.

These programs are introduced through children’s literature or through scientific visuals, depending on the age of the campers. Program modifications for may be requested to meet the individual needs of your camp. 

Choose from one of the three activity plans:

Safari into the Intertidal Zone

Grades Pre-k – 6
The adaptations necessary for animals to survive in the harsh intertidal zone are the focus of this program. Campers interact with live sea stars, urchins, snails and hermit crabs.

If a Dolphin Were a Fish

Grades 2 – 6
Students investigate how a dolphin might be similar to a human, but different from other marine animals. Live animals, artifacts, and interactive activities allow the students to discover which characteristics are unique to all mammals.

Welcome to Your Watershed

Grades 3 – 6
An environmentally relevant program illustrating the effects of human impact on our watersheds. The use of tide pool animals and a watershed model will highlight the relationship between the water cycle, marine animals, and pollution.