Dr. Mary Hayden Looney
Visiting Scientist


Spend an evening with Dr. Mary Heyden Looney, marine mammal biologist and environmental toxicologist from Pangaea Exploration. Learn more about the various sailing and research adventures from Pangaea Exploration from plastic pollution in the five gyres to coral research in some of the most remote reefs in the world. 


General Admission: $10.00
Ocean Institute Members: $9.00

About Pangaea Exploration:

Pangaea Exploration provides a platform for high seas research, conservation, education and filming from your home waters to the most remote corners of the world. They partner with individuals, organizations, and universities world-wide to accomplish these missions. Trips include formal scientific and conservation expeditions as well as sailing voyages and occasional private charters. Pangaea’s sailing vessel Sea Dragon has trekked over 150,000 nautical miles facilitating crucial ocean research.