Glow with the Flow
Biofluorescence at the Ocean Institute

This event features guest speaker Dimitri Deheyn, PhD.Eventbrite - Glow with the Flow

Biofluorescence lets sea creatures glow. This night time program features a talk on biofluorescence, followed by a tour of the biofluorescing animals here at the Ocean Institute — such as the scorpion fish. Children and adults alike will enjoy learning about and seeing the amazing light patterns of our ocean firsthand.  

Dimitri Deheyn is a Scripps marine biologist, developing research in the field of biomimicry: the process of emulating nature to support green and sustainable innovations. His research aims to understand the fundamental mechanisms responsible for specific adaptations that organisms have evolved to thrive under particular conditions.
Inherently, his research covers a broad range of topics, most importantly, it includes mechanisms and functions of light production
through bioluminescence (visible light produced following a chemical
reaction) and fluorescence (visible light produced following excitation
with a blue or black light).


Saturday, May 4th
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


$12 per participant 

$10 for Members