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Maritime Field Trip 6 hours

NEW! Maritime Leadership Academy
Middle & High School

The Maritime Leadership Program utilizes traditional sailing skills to help youth develop life-long leadership skills This program provides students with a unique opportunity to step off familiar ground as they step onto a tall ship!

Students visit the Ocean Institute where they will learn about the mechanics behind sailing through completing the “rigging challenge” and other hands on activities, put their communication, leadership, and team work skills to practice as they row in the Dana Point harbor and take Spirit of Dana Point out to sea. 

Maritime Field Trip 6 hours

NEW! Pirates, Patriots, Privateers
Grade 5

Students will learn and explore the American Revolution through our combination dockside & sailing living history program! The program is set in 1776 surrounding the Second Continental Congress’s decision to enlist privateers to help the war effort against the British.

Students begin dockside preparing the Spirit of Dana Point to set sail fighting the British on the open sea in the afternoon.  Students will learn about a variety of perspectives during the American Revolution, while introducing them to sail handling, navigation, moving cargo, and gunnery.   

Maritime Field Trip 1-2 days

Catalina Island Ecology Safari
Grades 4-8

This program is an educational adventure offering participants an opportunity to explore the ecology of Catalina Island, both on land and in the surrounding waters.  Students will develop a unique perspective and gain in-depth knowledge of this popular Channel Island.

Maritime Field Trip 1 hour

Pilgrim Tour
Grades Pre-K - adult

This walking tour explains the mechanics of the vessel and the voyage around Cape Horn as described by Richard Henry Dana in Two Years Before the Mast. Explore the ship in detail while learning about the shipboard life of sailors of the past.

Maritime Field Trip 3-5 days

Catalina Odyssey: A Voyage of Discovery
Grades 4-adult

Embark on an exciting voyage to Catalina Island. On this dynamic sailing adventure, students are trained to work as crew of a 100-ton schooner Spirit of Dana Point. They explore Catalina and surrounding waters while they snorkel, hike, and live the life of a tallship sailor. This program is adaptable to fit curriculum needs in the fields of ecology, water quality, oceanography, biology, and history.

Maritime Field Trip 45 Minutes

Private Pilgrim Tour
All Ages

Step back in time and explore the journey around Cape Horn as described by Richard Henry Dana in Two Years Before the Mast.

What you’ll see: View the galley, stern, and bow of the ship before heading below decks to the main hold, where the ship’s cargo would have been stored. Explore the ship in detail while learning about the shipboard life of sailors of the past.

Science Field Trip 2-4 hours

Living Systems Lab/Cruise
Grades 4-6

This classic program is one of our most popular and explores the relationship between biotic and abiotic components of the marine ecosystem. The lab includes a fish dissection, water chemistry, aquarium science, and studying the oceanic food chain. Aboard the R/V Sea Explorer, students examine benthic and pelagic habitats by deploying oceanographic sampling equipment to collect a variety of marine specimens.

Lab and cruise may also be booked separately.

Science Field Trip 2 hours

Marine Mammal Cruise
Grades 4-6

Dolphins, whales, seals, and sea lions are the focus of this exciting voyage on the open ocean! Students investigate the natural history of our local marine mammals using a benthic grab sampler, plankton net, and marine biofacts.

This program can be adapted for older students.