Sei Whale

General information
Quick Facts
Order Cetacea
Suborder Mysticete (Baleen)
Family Balaenopteridae
Species Balaenoptera borealis
Status Endangered
Weight Average 35 tons
Diet Krill and small schooling fish
Size Up to 69 feet, average 48 feet
Home Deep temperate waters world-wide

Where Do Sei Whales Live?

Can I See Sei Whales in California?

It is possible, but they are extremely rare. Additionally, they prefer deep waters and tend to stay farther out at sea. Sei whales are difficult to tell apart from the Bryde’s whale and the fin whale. The Bryde’s whale and Sei whale were at one time thought to be a single species. Sei whales have the most regular diving/breathing sequence of any of the rorquals (whales with throat pleats.) They seldom breach and are very quick swimmers.

Where Can I See Sei Whales?

The location of these whales is very difficult to predict. Migration patterns are not known and are probably irregular. It is likely that they travel to low latitudes in the winter. They are more common in the southern hemisphere and may be seen near islands, but rarely near mainland coasts. “Sei whale years” have been reported in some locales, where there are sporadic occurrences of higher concentrations.