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Little Naturalists: Parent & Me Program
Feathers, Flippers & Fins

Stretch your child’s imagination through creative play that supports language development, social interaction and problem-solving in this four-week long series. Each Tuesday session will include exploration, a science activity and an art project focusing on a different ocean animal. Suitable for ages 3.5 to 4 years with parental support. 


Tiny Tots: Parent & Me Program
Sea Star Adventure Series 2019

Join us for this six-week adventure series exploring shapes, colors, textures, and more with everyone’s favorite tidepool animal, the sea star! Each Tuesday session includes exploration, an animal encounter, and an activity. Suitable for ages 2 to 3 years.

Maritime Field Trip 5 hours

Gold Digger’s Express!
Grades 4-5

Students embark on an exciting adventure reenacting the voyage of those who risked it all for the gold fields in 1849. Through the use of role-play, students explore the events of the great California Gold Rush and interact with characters who offer different historical perspectives. At the end of their voyage, students must decide their own destiny by either electing to stay aboard with the Captain or jump ship and seek potential riches in the gold fields. Activities include moving cargo, sail handling, and panning for gold.