NEW! Maritime Leadership Academy
Middle & High School

Maritime Field Trip 6 hours

The Maritime Leadership Program utilizes traditional sailing skills to help youth develop life-long leadership skills This program provides students with a unique opportunity to step off familiar ground as they step onto a tall ship!

Students visit the Ocean Institute where they will learn about the mechanics behind sailing through completing the “rigging challenge” and other hands on activities, put their communication, leadership, and team work skills to practice as they row in the Dana Point harbor and take Spirit of Dana Point out to sea. 

More specifically, students will:

  • Work together to row a long boat while working together to accomplish their different tasks with different limitations that they must overcome.
  • Engage in problem-solving to determine how to rig a block and tackle on a ship. Teamwork and critical thinking skills are activated, as they are essential to completing the task.
  • Students collaborate to evaluate how various sails differ (square, fore, and aft) and how they work at sea
  • Participants will also engage in raising the sail, steering the ship, and will celebrate success with the firing of the cannon!