Ocean Institute Leadership


Ocean Institute Leadership

Ocean Institute's Science Advisory Council 

Ocean Institute’s Science Advisory Council 


Dan Pingaro
President & CEO

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Education: Colorado State University

Why I Work at Ocean Institute: My life passion is the ocean, and my life goal is to ensure future generations have the same ocean joy and opportunities that I had growing up at the beach.  My deep commitment to the ocean via my education, research and environmental work dovetails perfectly with the Ocean Institute.  I feel lucky to be at Ocean Institute and to pursue my life passion every day.


Lane Avery
Chief Financial Officer

Hometown: Almont, Michigan

Education: Michigan State University (BA); University of Houston (MBA)

Why I work at Ocean Institute: Spending my summers while growing up on Elk Lake in Michigan, I gained an appreciation for water quality, its connection to the environment and of course all the recreational opportunities that a lake affords!  Since then, I have spent my career working for CPA firms and other great companies in accounting, auditing and technology.  Ocean Institute provides me with a unique opportunity to do something a little more soulful, using my background and experiences to support its important mission promoting ocean education, research and conservation.


Wendy Marshall
Vice President of Education

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California

Education: University of Southern California

Why I work at Ocean Institute: The Ocean Institute is a dream setting for an educator who is passionate about education, research, and the environment. Having worked in education for over twenty years, I have seen the power of real-world, hands-on learning experiences and the benefits of connecting young minds to cutting edge research through age-appropriate lessons. The Ocean Institute provides a context like no other for developing curiosity and the habits of mind that will help visitors see the world and themselves in a new way. I work here because the people, programs, and unique resources provide the best context to practice my passion and contribute to the ocean.


Kelly Rouillard
Vice President of Marketing

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Education: Arizona State University and University of Houston


Dr. Chris Lowe – Science Advisory Council
Professor, marine biology & Director of the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach

Dr. Chris Lowe is a professor in marine biology and director of the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), where he and his students work with acoustic and satellite telemetry techniques to study the movement, behavior and physiology of sharks, rays and gamefishes.

Dr. Lowe earned his Bachelor of Arts in marine biology at Barrington College in Rhode Island and a Master of Science degree in biology at CSULB. In 1998, he achieved a doctorate in zoology, studying bioenergetics of juvenile hammerhead sharks, at the University of Hawaii.


David Wilmot Ph.D – Science Advisory Council
President & Co-Founder of Ocean Champions

David Wilmot brings over thirty years of experience in ocean science, environmental policy, non-profit governance and fundraising, and political advocacy to Ocean Champions. David received his MS and BS from the University of Georgia where he also Co-Founded Students for Environmental Awareness.