Chaparral to Ocean Science School
Grades 4-6

Outdoor Education Field Trip 2-3 days

At the Lazy W Ranch, students use hands-on data collection and analysis to study the relationships between living and non-living components of six unique California ecosystems (riparian, oak woodland, chaparral, intertidal, benthic, and pelagic). Evening activities include a nocturnal investigation and campfire skits and songs. Then, a trip to the Ocean Institute concludes the experience and allows students to explore food webs, water quality, life cycles, and tide pools, with an optional trip on our research vessel.

If an overnight program does not fit your schedule, please contact us regarding our A Day in The Chaparral program. Call for pricing and program information.

4th: S 2a, b, c; 3a, b, c; 6a-e
5th: S 2a, c, e, f, g; 6a, b, c, f, g, h
6th: S 5a-e; 7b, c, e, g, h