Membership FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about our Membership


Ocean Institute Memberships are non-refundable.

What happens to my membership now that Ocean Institute has postponed all public events and gatherings?

If your membership was set to expire or you recently purchased a membership within the months we are closed due to COVID-19 (from March 2020 until TBD), then your membership will automatically be extended 6 months. 

Which Ocean Institute membership will give me a discount and early registration for Summer Camps?

All levels of membership get early registration for our Summer Camps.

Sea Star, Mariner, Sealife Sponsor and Ocean Advocate level memberships will receive a discount and early registration for Summer Camps. 

Does the Ocean Institute offer discounts on membership?

Yes we offer a 30% discount to seniors, university students and military on Individual, Family, and Sea Star Levels

*Valid ID is required. To take advantage of this, you must purchase your membership either in-person or by phone

How long is my membership valid?

Your membership is valid for 1 year after the purchase date.  For example if you buy your membership on April 7, 2019 it is valid through April 7, 2020. 

When will I receive my membership cards? I never received my membership cards, what should I do?

You will receive your cards 1-2 weeks after your purchase.  If you do not receive them within that time, please call the Membership Office at 949 496 2274 x 416 to verify your address or to request new cards.

Can I use my membership at any other institutions or museums?

Yes!  We have reciprocal memberships for our Sea Star, Mariner, Sealife Sponsor and Ocean Advocate Levels.   These members can use their membership cards at North American Reciprocal Museums as well as Council of American Maritime Museums participating institutions.   Please visit or for a list of participating museums.

I purchased a gift membership, when will the membership be activated?

Gift Memberships are activated upon purchase.  For example if you purchase a gift membership for Bob Smith on 8/19/19, the gift membership for Bob Smith is active on 8/19/15-8/19/20.