Charity Checkout Round Up Program Process
3 Steps to Participate!



Joining this program is easy! Contact your merchant services provider and discuss options to activate a round-up and/or separate donation feature through your point-of-sale (POS) system. In many cases, this donation option is something that can be easily activated as a feature for transactions. 

If you are using a POS system such as Clover, simply contact Clover directly at 877.486.3274 (Clover is a trusted partner service with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, BBVA, Citi, PNC, and SunTrust). 


For online ordering, set-up your website checkout system to prompt an ask to customers to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar for the Ocean Institute. Communicate with anyone on your team who will be taking orders over the phone to make the same request. The more that your team knows about the Ocean Institute and its mission, the better they will be able to express enthusiasm and speak o the cause if asked follow-up questions. Feel free to get creative in your approaches!


Would you like to round up your purchase to help feed the animals at the Ocean Institute?

Would you like to round up to the nearest dollar to support the Dana Point Ocean Institute today?

The Ocean Institute Junior Board will provide you with a media package to utilize across social media platforms to reflect your status as a proud partner in the #DPforOI Round-Up Campaign.


if you are unable to support the round-up donation option through your POS system or you would like to implement more routes for engaging activity, you can still collect donations by asking for open-ended donations with each purchase or implementing simple donation jars at your check-out register. You designated Junior Board member will work with you to track milestones to celebrate with the community and pick up donations at your convenience. On a regular basis, the Ocean Institute will encourage  followers to support local businesses that are a part of this campaign and recognize your support and partnership through its robust social media and newsletter channels. 

To register or have additional questions, contact