Citizen Science: Native Plant Garden
Human Impacts



The Old Cove Native Plant Preserve, directly next to Ocean Institute, is frequented by many visitors every single day.  All of these visitors interact with the environment here in different ways; some insignificant and others consequential.  

Here at the Ocean Institute, we want to better understand what patterns in human use may be effecting our native plant garden.  In an effort to record the events happening within our garden while simultaneously engaging the public in a scientific experience, we have launched the Native Plant Garden Citizen Science Initiative.

To help us complete this initiative, we have created a survey that anyone can participate in to help contribute real data to our mission.  This survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and is a fun and interactive activity for people of all ages.  Below you will find some general guidelines for how to complete the survey.  


  • Make your way to the Old Cove Native Plant Preserve and use the form below to record your observations.  Below is an image of the study area. A picture detailing the study area.  The area is sandwiched between the Ocean Institute Facility and the Jetty next to the tide pool beach.  This is the area where our native plants are located.
  • Count the number of times you witness each of the categories (adults,children,trash,etc.)
  • Try your best not to double count sightings.  For example, if you see the same individual bird twice, only count them one time.
  • Accuracy and precision are important but make sure to have fun with the activity.  Take some time to zoom in and notice things you typically might miss.