Giving Back: Forge54
Ocean Institute has a fresh, new look thanks to Forge54


We recently partnered with Forge 54, a team of 100+ creative and strategic-minded professionals who donated their time to help Ocean Institute share our mission through brilliant copy, photography, video, design and enhanced technology. Their extraordinary work was the product of months of collaboration with our staff, and includes top-level promotional campaigns, virtual tours, interactive maps and iPad applications that will take our educational programs to the next level, helping us reach more kids through innovative digital tools. 

We are so grateful to these talented professionals, many of whom had visited Ocean Institute as kids—and some just learning about us for the first time. Here at Ocean Institute we get to do some of the most rewarding work there is, seeing the smiles of kids and watching as they discover how smart they are through hands-on learning and field experiences. We were touched to hear that many of the designers had been impacted by Ocean Institute at some point in their lives– whether it was on a childhood field trip, for their high school prom, or having brought their own families on a recent whale watch. John Nasteff of the Forge54 team shares his story:

“The opportunity to work with Ocean Institute reached me at a personal level as I was one of those kids staying the night on the Pilgrim in 4th grade. I have such a particularly clear memory of being asked to use my imagination as to what I saw in the wee hours of the morning out at sea. I’ll never forget being handed that pen as though it was a wand of permission for me to be as creative and imaginative as I wanted. That stuck with me through the years because I felt I was understood and that my curiosity and wonder for the world was shared with the crew. I am so proud and excited with what we were able to give to Ocean Institute. and I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to come full circle and give back to a facility that gave me so much as a child.”

–John Nasteff