High School Presenters
2017 Girls in Ocean Science


Dr. Shawn Noren
Associate Research Scientist, Institute of Marine Science,
UC Santa Cruz

Are you passionate about marine mammals? Dr. Noren has turned her passion into a career through studying the bioenergetics and physiology of marine mammals. Dr. Noren studies the physiological constraints of seals and sea lions in order to gain a better understanding of how these animals operate in extreme environments. This also relates to better understanding how marine mammals will adapt to climate change conditions. Find out more about her recent work at: http://ims.ucsc.edu/news-events/profiles/shawn-noren-featured-profile.html 

Melissa Miner
Research Biologist, UC Santa Cruz

If you love going to the tide pools, you’ll find Melissa Miner’s work fascinating! Melissa is currently a researcher and data manager for the Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network (MARINe). The goal of MARINe is to collect long-term monitoring data for rocky intertidal organisms throughout the entire west coast, from Alaska to Mexico! As well, Melissa is conducting very interesting research on the widespread sea star wasting disease and on recovery of the endangered black abalone. Check out her recent findings at http://www.eeb.ucsc.edu/pacificrockyintertidal/data-products/sea-star-wasting/

Maureen (Mo) Wise
Graduate Student, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Field Biologist, Central Coast Wetlands Group

Protecting and conserving estuaries is an important field of marine science, and Mo Wise strives to improve the health of these ecologically significant areas. Mo is currently finishing her thesis, which focuses on water chemistry influencing seasonal algal biomass changes in the Elkhorn Slough. While working on her thesis, Mo is also works as a field biologist for the Central Coast Wetlands Group, which hopes to improve water quality from agricultural runoff. Her goal is to reduce Nitrogen and Phosphorous runoff before it reaches the ocean. Learn more about Mo’s research here: https://ccwg.mlml.calstate.edu/

Sarah Heim
Programmer Analyst, Coastal Data Information Program
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

If you are interested in computer science, and have a passion for oceanography, you’ll find Sarah Heim’s research fascinating! Sarah works for the Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Writing code scripts to organize oceanographic data collected from research bouys with specialized instruments is Sarah’s specialization. She also creates webpages to view the oceanographic data in graphs and maps. Sarah’s research is focused on making oceanographic data available to the public, so people can learn more about the ocean and aid in saving it!

Find out more about her research at: http://cdip.ucsd.edu/themes/

Carol Kravetz
CRP Climate Leader, Climate Reality Project

Are you interested in climate science? Carol Kravetz is passionate about public outreach on climate change and has made it her career to study its impacts. Carol works for the Climate Reality Project, and focuses her career on spreading climate awareness and helping political leaders make informed decisions that benefit the environment. Learn more about Carol’s work at: https://www.climaterealityproject.org/

Captain Rebecca Hartman
Peace Officer, California Department of Fish & Wildlife

One of the biggest issues threatening the health of our oceans is overfishing. Captain Rebecca Hartman has made it her career to enforce marine commercial fishing laws by working for the CA Department of Fish & Wildlife. Through her role as a Peace Officer, Capt. Hartman gets to combine her background in marine biology with environmental policy and law. She works on the front lines to ensure that commercial fisheries follow regulations to ensure that they are practicing sustainable fishing methods. Learn more about her job here: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Conservation/Marine#30975337-marine-region-projects

Laura Belani & Victoria Gerard
Bowers Museum, Collections Manager & Curator of Collection & Special Exhibitions

Science can take many forms and looking into past cultures can reveal much about the scientific practices throughout history. Laura & Victoria specialize in museum science as the collections manager at the Bowers Museum. Laura & Victoria work to better understand cultures of the past, and how science can evolve through the ages. Learn more about their work in science, art and culture at: https://www.bowers.org/

Microsoft, Computer Science

We are thrilled to announce that our final presenter will be a computer scientist from Microsoft. You can look forward to taking part in an awesome computer coding activity with this scientist. Stay tuned, we will be revealing our Microsoft scientist in January!