‘Lady Washington,’ ‘Hawaiian Chieftain’ to Spend Holiday Season at Ocean Institute
By Daniel Ritz; Editor, Dana Point Times


Two of the West Coast’s most prolific tall ships, the Hawaiian Chieftain and the Lady Washington, will be hosted at the Ocean Institute for a month-long series of educational tours and cannon battles.

The Hawaiian Chieftain will arrive in Dana Point on Tuesday, Dec. 26. Grays Harbor Historical Seaport acquired the Hawaiian Chieftain from these private owners and sailed her through the Panama Canal to return it to the Pacific.

The Lady Washington is an exact replica of the original Lady Washington who made unprecedented trading voyages around the Sea of Good Hope and was the first American vessel to make landfall on the West Coast of North America in 1788. Over the years, the new Lady Washington has made several appearances in major motion picture such as the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Zachary Stocks, a program development officer at the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport in Aberdeen, Washington, said these boats offer insight into the “golden era of sailing.”

The Lady Washington will arrive mid-January. More information on the tours, sailing excursions and cannon battles can be seen at www.oceaninstitute.org. More detailed information on these boats can be seen on www.historicalseaport.org.

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