‘O-fishial’ May 2018 Newsletter
WILD Times!


We’ve Moved! 

Desks at Ocean Institute have moved around. Please see Nadine at the front desk if you need a map to find someone specific. Please remember that lockers are available for storage of personal items and any meals should be eaten in the break room. 

Hails and Sails

Please join me in welcoming these new volunteers to the team! 

Hannah Douglas, Alexa Amaya, Colin Henry, Chase Morrison, Corina Silverstein, Isabella Mahar, June Kreutzer, Melina Pellini, Katie Faris, Nikki Heider, Vanessa Bautista, and Wendy Lacko.

Happy sails to the volunteers whose ship is leaving our harbor. Thank you for your hard work. We wish you well in your adventures!

Kristen Kyriazis, Rosemary Kramer, Michelle Chernikova, Randy Watson, and Sharyn Watson.