‘O-fishial’ November 2017 Newsletter
We are thankful for you!


‘O-fishial’ November 2017 Newsletter

In this Issue:
Black Friday Volunteers Needed
Science of Scent: Candle Making Workshop
Paint By the Ocean: Black Friday Paint Event
Holiday Lights Viewing Party

Volunteers needed week of Thanksgiving

Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) was Public Programs busiest day of the year last year (300 people!). We need volunteers to make it great for our visitors on black Friday and the Monday-Wednesday of that week too! This will be just like a weekend with rotations between animal stations. Volunteers from all departments welcome! Email Andrea at asmith@oceaninstitute.org to sign up. 

Use the same email to signup to help out at the Holiday Lights Viewing Party. 

Hails ‘n Sails

Please join me in welcoming these awesome folks to the volunteer team. 

Armaan Hirani                 Gaby Perez           Edward Celaya
Hannah Varshochi           Kiki Martin          Mia Schundler
Lauren West                      Samira Kader     Ruby Mussen
Suzi El-Nabli                      Sue Perry             Shyannn Breton