Renewable Energy
Engineers Wanted Club


During this session, students will learn about the effects of fossil fuels on an ocean environment and will engage in engineering activities to understand the complexities related to harnessing renewable energy. Participants will have the to opportunity to build wind turbines and solar cars to see how challenging it is to harness renewable energy sources and witness their powerful potential first hand.

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1:30 pm – 4:30 pm 



Choose the session that you wish to join for sustainability and aquaculture. You will meet the same day each week for three weeks to learn about this topic.

Session 1- 

Every Wednesdays from September 23- Oct 7

Session 2 - 

Every Thursdays from October 15-October 29

Session 3- 

Every Mondays from November 2 – November 16

Session 4-

Every Tuesdays from December 1- December 15


To purchase your ticket, please select one of the button options above to indicate if your student is in middle school or high school. Then, select the start date of the session you wish to begin on. 

(i.e. If you would like renewable energy in session 1, select September 23 as your start date on the calendar)