Superb Schooling Fish: How Tiny Fish Affect You and Me
June 3


The little fish in our ocean needs a voice too! During this anatomical analysis of a sardine, we will be discussing the intricacies of a sardine’s anatomy and behavior and how they relate to you. You will learn the effect these schooling fish have on the food chain, and how that impacts not just other ocean life, but your life too. Finally, you will learn what you can do to protect these interesting creatures and see a schooling fish feeding! You will also receive fun activities to further your understanding of some of the smallest fish in the sea with a big impact, schooling fish.

You can join our high school intern for Public Programs, Nico Conway, for this presentation on Facebook Live, Instagram Live or Zoom. We can’t wait to learn with you live! 

Schooling Fish Activity Book


optionally: glue and magnets (magnet tape).