Toady Time
WILD Weekend Series

Join Toady for this WILD Weekend!

Did you know that toads use their eyeballs to swallow their food? Or that toads can breathe through their skin? Kermit the frog probably never told you that!

Hop on over to the Ocean Institute to learn about our amphibian friends: toads and frogs! You will discover how amphibians hunt, leap, and hibernate at Toady Time. Together, we will observe Toady, a California Toad, as she shows off her hunting capabilities. You will even get to use a model tongue to see how toads snap up a midnight snack. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Eventbrite - Toady Tongue Twisters

$12.00 for adults
$9.50 for children

Tickets include Toady Tongue Twisters workshop and admission to Ocean Institute
*Members only pay $2.00 supply fee – enter membership number upon checkout


Sunday, July 8
1:00pm – 2:00pm