Undersea ABC’s
LiteraSEA Program


The Undersea ABC’s program is part of our LiteraSEA series at the Ocean Institute.  The LiteraSEA series examines the links between science and literature, with specific focus on separating fact and fiction. This program challenges students to apply their knowledge of letters and letter sounds while exploring life in the ocean. 

It is modeled after the book Into the A, B Sea by Deborah Lee Rose. Students will look, listen, and feel as they investigate marine life and habitats.   At one station students will examine sea star Spines, Tubefeet, Arms, and Regeneration while touching different intertidal animals.  Students will also use their listening skills to identify the sounds of different sea animals such as Dolphins and will find animals in different marine habitats. 

Step One: Read A, B Sea by Deborah Lee Rose

If you have the book you can read it at home. If not, please read along with us below.


Step Twp: Activity Sheets

Into the ABC's!

Household Scavenger Hunt