Underwater Robotics
Engineers Wanted Club


Participants will deep dive into coding concepts and be challenged with creating a device to solve a current ocean problem from around the world. At the end of the program, students will present their creation to the other participants. This program will provide students with hands-on experience to code devices, such as micro-bit and hummingbird boxes.

Please see below for more information about how to participate in a session of the Engineers Wanted club, with the topic of underwater robotics!

Choose the session that you wish to join for underwater robotics. You will meet the same day each week for three weeks to learn about this topic. Please also select if your student is in middle school or high school to purchase your ticket. Then, select the start date of the session you wish to begin on. 

(i.e. If you would like underwater robotics in session 1, select September 21 as your start date on the calendar)


Session 1-  

Every Monday from September 21- Oct 5

Session 2 - 

Every Tuesday from October 13-October 27

Session 3- 

Every Wednesday from November 4 – November 18

Session 4- 

Every Thursday from December 4- December 18