ROV Distance Learning Program 
Grades 6-8

Science Field Trip Classroom modules and a 17 hour overnight

This module-based program introduces students to the captivating world of ocean exploration and engineering through an authentic-learning experience. Students learn scientific fundamentals and use their new knowledge to think critically through the engineering challenges of designing, building, and testing their own ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). The experience culminates in an overnight field trip to the Ocean Institute where they are engaged with hands-on activities and experiments on deep-ocean exploration. Students work in research teams to deploy their ROVs and complete their missions. This process mirrors professional science practice, enabling students to build crucial 21st Century skills of collaboration, creativity, problem solving, and innovation in a real-world context.

6th: S 1e; 2c, d; 5a-c; 7a-c
7th: S 6d, h, l; 7a, d, e
8th: S 2b, c, e, f; 2a, d, e; 8a, c, d; 9a, b