Tallship Sails

Sprit of Dana Point (left) and the brig Pilgrim (right).

Tallships Sails
Set sail for a high seas adventure!

The Ocean Institute maintains two tallships, the brig Pilgrim, and the Spirit of Dana Point, an accurate replica of a 1770s privateer used during the American Revolution.


Tall Ship Tours
with the Hawaiian Chieftain

Board and explore three unique historic tall ships this holiday season! Tour the visiting vessel, Hawaiian Chieftain, along with the Ocean Institute’s ships, Pilgrim and Spirit of Dana Point during regular public admission hours. Learn the history of the ships, Dana Point’s maritime history, and more. 


Tall Ship Tours
with the Lady Washington

Tour the visiting vessel, Lady Washington, a replica square-rigged brig, during her stay at the Ocean Institute. Learn the history American trading in the Pan-Pacific following the american revolution. Named after Martha Washington, the Lady Washington was a pioneer in American trading.  


Adventure Sail
Pirates, Patriots, and Privateers

Our Tall Ship Adventure sails are currently sold out! Tickets are still available for the Tall Ships Festival Cannon Battle Sails on September 9 and 10. Click here for more information. 

Set sail aboard the schooner Spirit of Dana Point and experience California from the perspective of an early tallship explorer.  Join the crew to help raise sail, handle lines, and steer the ship, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the majesty of sailing the seas aboard a tallship.

General information

About the Spirit of Dana Point

The Spirit of Dana Point is a traditionally built replica of a 1770s privateer schooner used during the American Revolution. These ships were known for their speed and were used for smuggling. The ship is 118 feet long with a rig height of 100 feet… and 5,000 square feet of sail!

General information

About the Pilgrim

The Pilgrim is a full-sized replica of the hide brig immortalized by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. in his American seafaring classic novel Two Years Before the Mast. This historic voyage is the basis for the Ocean Institute’s Two Years Before the Mast education program.