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Zooming With the (Sea) Stars

In need of some calming zen to start your corporate meeting? Want an underwater experience for your video conference? Looking for a virtual tour? Ocean Institute is here for you.  

Since you can’t come to Ocean Institute right now, we want to bring Ocean Institute into your meetings, happy hours, family gatherings, or virtual parties!

Send us your meeting link (Zoom or other) and we will call in to bring a fun, unique experience into your virtual gathering. We are here to guide you through an immersive virtual journey or just enjoy some background tranquility. 

Add-ons Available 

You can add on a donation of $50 to any of our virtual experiences to “Adopt an Animal” at the Ocean Institute. Your donation will go towards the care and maintenance of your selected animal.

  • Sea Star
  • Sea Snail
  • Moon Jelly
  • Round Sting Ray
  • California Moray Eel
  • Horn Shark
  • Two-spot Octopus

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Virtual Learning

Week 3: Deep Dive into Kelp Forest and Coral Reef Ecosystems 

See a teaser for week 3, watch Wednesday’s video!