Whale Watching & Cruises


At Sea Adventures

Our cruises are dedicated to science-based environmental education, providing your family the opportunity to truly become a scientist for the day. You will be immersed in the ocean ecosystem, captivated by local marine life, and learn fascinating facts about our ocean.


Whale Watching Cruise
An ecosystem excursion for all ages

Join the Ocean Institute’s marine educators in exploring the ocean from top to bottom, while searching for some of the world’s largest and smallest creatures during our 2.5-hour long whale watching program.


Bioluminescence Night Cruise

There’s a luminous underwater world just waiting to shine! Learn about the remarkable ability of some marine animals to glow in the dark and witness this curiously beautiful phenomenon.*


Headlands Sunset Cruise

Cruise the Dana Point Headlands with our expert crew during this 1.5 hour expedition. As the sun slips behind the distant horizon in a “green flash,” search for marine mammals, and spend a tranquil evening with your family.


$30.00 Adults (14 and up) 
$15.00 Children 4-14 
Toddlers 3 and under are free
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